Welcome to CURE MED13L

Finding therapies for MED13L - and ultimately a cure. Please Join!

About Us

CURE MED13L is part of the med13l.org Foundation.  This network is for families, scientists, clinicians, biopharma professionals and more dedicated to:

  • Developing  treatments -- for example over the counter drugs or already-approved drugs that can be repurposed to upregulate the healthy copy of the MED13L gene that each of our patients have.  Every day counts for our growing children and we want to find treatments as soon as possible.
  • Working towards a cure.  This is the longer game.  This search for an ultimate gene-based cure will likely be a long many-year road that includes gene-related therapies (unless we get very lucky!).  

Thank you for your interest.  We welcome anyone who cares about this broader mission.